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Data Overload Got You Down?

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By itself, data is not very useable. But Hach WIMS™ transforms data dumps into actionable insight. You’ll spend less time compiling data and more time running your operation.

See Your Whole Operation: Combine Data From Field, Lab & Operations

  • Access your data instantly in an easy-to-interpret format so you can quickly make informed decisions.
  • Anything you want to track, whether it’s dosages, flows, or concentration, and any summarized data like daily average flow, 15 minute turbidity maximum or hourly dissolved oxygen minimum, the information is at your fingertips!
  • Automatically collect data from your SCADA system, dataloggers, laboratory and LIMS software packages, as well as commercial labs or external data designated by your engineering firm or other sources.
  • Download data from portable field devices or enter data directly using personalized screens that match your daily log or bench sheets.

Secured in Centralized Location

  • Access the central database locally or via a secured web interface.
  • Data is stored in one location, therefore everyone is guaranteed to be viewing the same information.
  • Data is more accurate because it is entered one time into the system, whether manually or automatically, allowing for fewer errors from copying or transposing data.
  • Audit trails are maintained so you can see who touched the information to ensure trusted data. Historical records are safe and secure, and available for easy viewing.
Buried in Data


Isn’t Excel Good Enough?

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