Product - ez COD™ Recycling Service

Frequently Asked Questions  

ez COD

Will Heritage pick up my container, or do I send it to Heritage?

The 5-gallon bucket can be shipped via FedEx in most locations. Heritage will work with you to determine if this is an option available for your facility. Heritage will pick up the 20-gallon or 55-gallon container.

Are transportation costs included in the purchase price of the ez COD recycling Service?

Yes, all transportation costs from your facility to the Heritage Recycling Center are included.

Is there a lot of paperwork required?

Heritage will provide all required forms, and will assist you every step of the way.

Can I put any other waste in this ez COD recyling container, or only Hach COD vials?

Only Hach COD vials are to be placed in the recycling container.

Does Heritage provide other waste disposal and recycling services?

Yes. Contact information will be supplied with the ez COD recycling container, and experts will be on hand to discuss any additional recycling and waste disposal needs.