Application - Drinking Water Chemistries - Clarification Filtration

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Parameter Purpose of Test Method
Alkalinity Data used to maintain alkalinity at a fixed level to minimize corrosion in distribution systems (treatment strategy to help comply with the Lead/Copper Rule). The data is also required to calculate the % TOC that must be removed under the Enhanced Coagulation Requirement (D/DBP Rule Stage 2) for surface water facilities. 8203
Turbidity Data used to monitor particulates / microbes; Per the Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule — Turbidity measurement is required for Conventional and direct filtration systems on each filter and on the combined filter effluent. Also used to monitor raw water changes, signal storm events and to support watershed protection plans. Turbidimeter (2100xx) See instrument manual
pH Data used for monitoring of pH throughout the plant, controlling processes and corrosion. pH meter & electrode - see instrument manual
Color Data used to monitor and control removal of color from raw water, typically by chemical gagulants or pre-oxidants. Secondary DW Standard at 15 Platinum-Cobalt Color Units. 8025

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Parameter Purpose of Test Method
(Total Organic Carbon)
Data used to monitor organic load on raw waters; %TOC removal required under Enhanced Coagulation of D/DBP Rule. 10128
THM/THMFP Form as unwanted disinfection by-products when organic matter reacts with chlorine (or bromine). Current EPA regulations allow no more than 80 ppb of total THMs in drinking water supplies. 10224