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Other Disinfectants  

Other disinfectants

The treatment processes for drinking water have changed during the last several years as increased concerns about disinfection byproducts and water borne pathogens have become more prevalent. Many treatment processes now incorporate multiple oxidants or disinfectants to address these increased concerns. Other treatment objectives for these multiple oxidants include reducing taste and odor problems and facilitating the removal of iron and manganese.

With analytical testing, you can:

  • Maintain the desired ozone levels
  • Determine UV lamp dosage settings
  • Optimize chlorine dioxide levels for treatment

Featured Products  

9185sc Ozone Amperometric Sensor

9185sc Ozone Sensor

Product #: LXV433.99.00001
Online, single-channel industrial sensor that measures ozone in drinking water treatment plants, distribution networks, and other applications that require monitoring of ozone at the ppb and ppm levels. This instrument uses an amperometric method to measure ozone concentration. A membrane allows the selective diffusion of ozone molecules to the amperometric sensor. The measurement is compensated for pH and temperature.

UVAS sc Sensor, 5mm, with sc200 Controller

UVAS sc Sensor

Product #: 2976600
Continuous UV 254 Absorbance/Transmittance measurements can be used to protect plant treatment processes from high organic loads. Analysis range of 50mm probe is 0.01-60 m-1. Use for the following applications: protection of treatment plants from industrial dischargers, monitoring shock loads from internal plant processes, control of activated sludge processes, control methanol feed in BNR based on organic loading, final effluent monitoring and monitoring efficiency of UV disinfection processes.

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