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Distribution Monitoring
Monitoring specific parameters in the distribution system is commonly a regulatory requirement to assure delivery of safe drinking water to the community. Additional monitoring can also provide early indication of nitrification issues, water infiltration, line breaks, extended water age, or potential security violations.



Homeland Security Technologies

Water quality and security from source to tap
At Hach Homeland Security Technologies, we provide complete solutions for monitoring drinking water quality and security from the raw water intake of the drinking water plant to the end-user after miles of traveling through the distribution system. Hach Homeland Security Technologies develops breakthrough technologies that put you in command of your entire water distribution and source water monitoring systems.

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Featured Products  

Water Distribution Monitoring Panel sc

Water Distribution Monitoring Panel sc

Product #: 6846000
The WDMP sc is a multiparameter on-line panel that assists in identifying potential problems that pose risks to public health when they occur in a distribution system. The panel consists of instrumentation for chlorine, turbidity, pH, conductivity, pressure and temperature. Conductivity and pH probes are held in a sensor manifold and can also be used for ORP, dissolved oxygen or other parameters as they become available.

Nitrification Control Test Kit

Nitrification Control Test Kit

Product #: 2882200
Used for the routine monitoring of water quality parameters that contribute to or indicate nitrification is occurring in chloraminated water systems. This portable and versatile kit includes a DR/890 Colorimeter and reagents for Free Ammonia and Monochloramine, Nitrite, and Total Chlorine tests.

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