Application - Free Chlorine

Chlorine monitoring for basic chlorine disinfection control  

Measuring chlorine levels on-line or at the sample point is important to process control due to the instability of chlorine. Parameters include Free and Total Chlorine.

Free Chlorine  

Free Chlorine Monitoring

Although the pros and cons of disinfection with chlorine have been extensively debated, it remains the most widely used chemical for disinfection of water in the U.S. Chlorine is primarily used as a disinfectant, but also serves as an oxidizing agent for taste and odor control, prevention of algal growths, maintaining clear filter media, removal or ion and manganese, destruction of hydrogen sulfide and improving coagulation.

With analytical testing, you can:

  • Maximize disinfection efficiency
  • Determine adequate Chlorine CT credits
  • Optimize chlorine feed pump rates
  • Create an iron & manganese removal strategy

Featured Products  

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CL17 Free Chlorine Analyzer

CL17 Free Chlorine Analyzer

Product #: 5440001
Industry standard, CL17 Free Chlorine Analyzer. Included with the CL17 analyzer is a 1 month supply of DPD indicator and Free Chlorine indicator and buffer solutions, installation, sample conditioning, maintenance kits, and a user manual.

CLF10sc Free Chlorine Analyzer with sc200 Controller

CLF10 Free Chlorine Analyzer

Product #: 2982300
The CLF10sc Free Chlorine Analyzer measures free chlorine continuously for real time process control. It is based on amperometric technology and comes with the sc200 digital controller. The CLF10sc can be used in most municipal and industrial applications, and is best utilized where waste stream management is a constraint.

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