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Dirty Water

Hach has a variety of process pH probes designed specifically for dirty water applications. These include the pHD, LCP, and Combination technology probes in convertible, insertion, and immersion styles. These probes are designed to meet the needs of the wastewater, pulp & paper, textiles, metal plating, and heavy industrial industries. Hach's process pH probes work with Hach sc Controllers. Learn more about pHD, LCP, Combination probes, Hach sc Controllers, or different mounting styles.

All differential pH probes (pHD & LCP) are backed with Hach’s exceptional 30 month pro-rated replacement warranty.

If you need additional assistance please contact Hach’s World Class Technical Support Team at 1-800-227-4224

Hach Process pH Sensors for Dirty Water  

Dirty Water
Name Application Probe Type Digital Part # Analog Part # Attributes Image
pHD Sensors
pHD - General Purpose Municipal and Industrial Waste Water pHD - 1" DPD1P1 PD1P1

Differential Measurement

Regenerable Double Junction Salt Bridge

Plug and Play with Hach sc Controller

Digital or Analog Communications

1yr Warranty; 30 mo Prorated Warranty

Hach pHD sc Online Process pH Sensor - General Purpose pH Sensor
pHD-HF Resistant Low HF Concentration pHD - 1" DPD1P3 PD1P3 Hach pHD Online Process pH Sensor - pH Sensor for HF Resistance, Low pH
pHD - Stainless Steel

Negative Buoyancy
Chain Mount Required

pHD - 1" DPS1 Not Available Hach pHD sc Online Process pH Sensor - General Purpose Stainless Steel pH Sensor
pHD - Insertion Mount

Direct Pipe Mounting 1.5"

Diameter or Greater

pHD - 1" DPD2P1 PD2P1 Hach pHD sc Online Process pH Sensor - General Purpose Insertion Mount pH Sensor
LCP Sensors
LCP - General Purpose, Glass Electrode General Purpose Sensor LCP 1 1/2"  Not Available 6028P0 Differential Measurment

Good Chemical Resistance

Exceptional Dimensional Stability

Analog Communications

1yr Warranty; 30 mo Prorated Warranty

Differential 1.5
LCP - Union Mount  General Purpose with Union Mount LCP 1 1/2"  Not Available 6058P0 pH Sensor, Union Mount, LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer), 5-wire with Internal Preamplifier, 10 ft Cable
LCP - Metal Electrode  High HF concentration Abrasive Environment LCP 1 1/2"  Not Available 6028P1 pH Convertible Sensor, LCP Body, 5-Wire, Antimony Electrode, 10 ft Cable
Combination Sensors
Combination - HF Resistant  Low HF Concentration Combination 3/4" DPC1R3A PC1R3A

Low Cost Process pH Sensor

Combination pH Technolog

Analog Communications

Digital 3/4 Inch Combination pH/ORP Sensor, Convertible Style, Ryton Body Material, Flat Glass pH Electrode, Temperature Compensation - None

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