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Water Analysis Performance Tools for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage  

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At Hach, we understand your needs when it comes to maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your offshore oil & gas operations. With more than 65 years as the leading expert in water quality analysis, you can trust Hach’s knowledgeable and responsive support team to address your unique needs for the water applications throughout your entire process:

-Drilling fluid
-Injection & produced water
-Water treatment
-Boiler & cooling wate

Key Measurement Parameters


Accurate Oxygen Monitoring in MEG Injection Solutions for Closed-Loop Gas Condensate Pipelines Application Note

Featured Products  

Orbisphere K1100 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with 410 Controller

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The first low maintenance optical oxygen sensor

- Only 1 calibration per year

- No membranes = 2 minutes of annual maintenance

- Compatible with Orbisphere 28 mm flow chamber for a low cost retrofit


Orbisphere 3100 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer 

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Designed to be used in harsh environments, the Hach ORBISPHERE 3100 is the most rugged portable dissolved oxygen analyzer in the industry.

- Housed in a shock-tested stainless steel IP66 certified enclosure

- Advanced luminescent technology provides accurate results in seconds

- Brightly colored graphic display keypad, provides clear results in dark, cold or wet environments

-Only 1 calibration per year


TSS sc Turbidity and Suspended Solids Sensor

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TSS sc probes can measure both online suspended solids and turbidity in one instrument. They cover the total measurement range from the finest turbidity to solids over a wide range. TSS sc probes have been specially developed for industrial applications.


pHD™ Digital Differential On-Line pH/ORP Sensors

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For moderate- or high-conductive applications (>10 μS/cm) such as monitoring cooling water blowdown, drum boiler water, or raw water treatment.

 - Field-proven differential electrode measurement technique offers better accuracy

- Replaceable salt-bridge/protector simplifies maintenance and extends sensor life

- Sensor requires a Hach sc200 or sc1000 Digital Controller


3700 sc Digital Inductive (Electrodeless) On-Line Sensors (200 to 2,000,000 μS/cm)

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Blowdown, chemical concentration, leak detection, and dilution concentrations can be effectively monitored and controlled. There is no direct contact between the measuring element and the sample so they are contamination and corrosion resistant.

-Rugged, non-fouling design

-Sensor requires a Hach sc200™ or sc1000™ Digital Controller


LuminUltra Total Living Biomass Assessment (ATP)
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Microbiological testing solutions provide feedback on contamination sooner for proactive control!

-Detect total active microorganisms in any type of sample

-Results in minutes—not hours or days—for real-time results

-Lab or field operable for maximum flexibility