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Support Subscription  

Annual Support Subscription with Hach provides you with the Technology, Team & Tools to enhance and sustain your Integrated Information Management (Hach WIMS™, Hach JOB Cal®, Hach LAB Cal™) software investment.

Technology Maximize your software investment and performance by staying current with the latest updates of your software and taking advantage of new features and functions developed to help you be more productive.
Team Improve your efficiency with fast answers to your technical and software usage questions. With an Annual Support Subscription, you receive technical support by phone, email, and internet from our group of support professionals. Our staff has a wide range of industry (Water and Wastewater) knowledge and years of experience helping users operate successful configurations of our software.
Tools Enhance your productivity with online Technical Support, Web-based trouble-shooting sessions, a knowledgebase of articles, updates, FAQ’s, and administrative tools including how-to videos- all from your desk.

Technical Support Includes  

  • Answering questions about the Hach Integrated Information Management (IIM) software products and associated modules/interfaces including:
    • features
    • functions
    • capabilities
    • performance
    • limitations
  • Explain concepts of the system
  • Resolve bugs
  • Provide basic "Best Practices" recommendations
  • Facilitate your requests for software enhancements or functions.
  • Evaluate database integrity and recommend changes or upgrades
    • At times, a technical support issue is most efficiently resolved by having our technical staff examine your data structures in order to find the source of a problem that you are experiencing. As part of our technical support service, we can evaluate database integrity and recommend changes or upgrades. A high speed internet connection is strongly recommended for optimum results.

See what Technical Support Does Not Include

Support Plans  

Hach has different types of technical support plans. A new software license includes one year of Basic Annual Support which begins two (2) weeks after the date your software license is purchased (allowing for shipping and installation time). Support renewal notices will be mailed 90 days prior to support subscription expiration allowing you time to renew support on an annual basis.

Incidental Support:

Service is charged per incident with a 1 hr minimum charge. Additional hours are billed at current hourly rate. An incident is a single support issue that cannot be broken down into subordinate problems. Payment is due at time of service. Software updates are not included with incidental support.

Basic Support:

This support plan is provided with the purchase of a new Hach WIMS™ or JOB Cal® software license. Basic Support includes technical support and software updates and is recommended for all customers.

Custom Support:

This level support plan is recommended for large organizations who are running multiple facilities & servers, have complex configurations, have 3rd party services (I.E. Citrix Services) or require extended WIMS expertise for updates, migrations, IT configuration changes, etc. Services include Basic Support plus additional elements as required.

  Incidental Support Basic Support*
Technical support by phone, email, web conferencing to include troubleshooting, bug reporting, error handling
Anytime Access to web based support, learning tools, knowledge database, videos, report templates
Eligibility for discounted software upgrade packages  
Software Updates Software fixes, added features and functions  
Automatic Backups**  
*WIMS Online always includes Basic Support
**Automatic Backups for WIMS Online only

Technical Support Does Not Include  

Technical suport does not include work performed by our technical staff related to training, system modifications, updates, and / or changes to your forms, reports, and data. Software Services such as formal training, configuration, and/or a web-based or on-site consultation services can be contracted with Hach.

Technical Support by Hach would not include:

  • Setting up, uploading and/or manually inputting variables and data*
  • Building reports*
  • Installations of applications and interfaces (i.e. on-site software installation)*
  • Access to Hach WIMS IT Client (User file maintenance): Upgrading end user privileges, provisioning of new users, and password management
  • End User Training for Hach WIMS Client
  • Overwriting of existing production reports
  • Troubleshooting of Active Directory privileges (questions like "What is my password to log into Windows")
  • Troubleshooting any 3rd party applications or systems such as:
    • VPN connection
    • Citrix ICA Client
    • Browsers
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Anti Virus
    • IT administrator / package deployment software (equivalents of LanDesk)
    • Malware / Spyware interference
  • Troubleshooting any 3rd party hardware
    • Printers
    • Computers / Laptops/ Servers
    • Routers
    • Switches
  • Troubleshooting of insufficient operating system resources
  • Troubleshooting of operating system loads
  • Physical connectivity / VPN troubleshooting / TCP/IP connectivity between end user and Customer’s data center
* These services may be purchased on a professional services basis.