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Hach offers a variety of services that are available for Hach WIMS™ products, Hach JOB Cal® product and Hach LAB Cal™ product. We tailor our services to meet each facility's unique needs so please call and we'll help you determine what you need and provide you with a quote.

Database and Report Setup:
Highly recommended if you do not have a computer skilled process engineer available. Hach Engineers will work closely with your plant personnel to configure the applications database to start you on the proper approach to system setup and help you avoid common pitfalls.

Startup, Implementation & Training:
A Hach Company Engineer will come to your facility to provide start up services including product installation, training (basic & advanced) and system testing. Some services can also be delivered via the internet.

Hourly Services:
Hach can provide many types of services including, but not limited to, data migration/conversion from many legacy systems, developing custom interfaces, development of custom reports, remote training, configuration, etc... Depending on complexity of the request and the time required, each task will be carefully reviewed and Hach will provide a formal quote.

Training - At your facility:
Hands on experience in a structured classroom environment at your facility. We provide a course work booklet and will tailor the training to your specific needs. No minimum or maximum requirements.

Training - At a Hach facility:
Experience in a structured classroom environment at a Hach facility. We provide a course work booklet, computer and lunch. No minimum or maximum requirements.

Training - Webinar:
Through conference call and Internet connection each session will cover topics for Basic User or Administrator Training. Limited to 8 students via our GoToMeeting Web collaboration Service. Sessions & topics to be scheduled in advance.

Custom Interfaces:
Custom data interfaces for accessing LIMS, SCADA, Historian and other data sources.

Standard support services
All of our products come with a one year support contract which can be renewed on a yearly basis. Support contracts make it easy to keep your software up to date and get help quickly when you need it. See our Support Options Chart for our various support offerings.

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