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Hach is the only company to provide portable and process LDO meters for lab and field measurement

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Energy Savings  

WWTP LDONew Portable Metering System Brings Higher Level of Certainty to WWTP
-Loveland, Colorado Wastewater Treatment Plant
"Having tight DO control is essential not only for meeting our permit but for saving money, because the electrical power required to run these blowers can be very expensive."
-Cindi Rutledge, Plant Operator

Dissolved Oxygen Control in the Activated Sludge Process
Aeration in the municipal activated sludge plants accounts for almost 40% of all power- related costs in a wastewater treatment facility.

Saving Power Costs in the Activated Sludge Process
Power consumption is one of the largest expenses in operating a wastewater treatment plant. WWTPs can decrease power consumption in the activated sludge process. Energy efficient motors and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) used with on-line dissolved oxygen analyzers such as the Hach sc100 analyzer with an LDO probe- installed and maintained properly- will contain energy costs.

Hach LDOBristol-Myers Squibb Works Hard to Be a Good Neighbor
-Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, East Syracuse, New York
Hach LDO technology improves the efficiency of a pharmaceutical plant's wastewater treatment process, helping to protect the environment and the community.
A Hach LDO Probe helps save BMS $72,000/year in energy costs alone, significant for a facility with energy costs of $1 million/year.
Bristol Myers' Squibb Company's plant in East Syracuse, NY used to measure DO manually using a portable DO Meter. The greatest savings for BMS both, in energy and maintenance, came from combining LDO with automated variable speed drives on a closed-control loop.
Since switching over to Process LDO, the facility now uses roughly 25% less power than they did when using a portable DO instrument. The reduction in energy usage and maintenance allowed BMS to recoup the cost of their investment in less than 1 year.

'DO'ing More with Less
-Main Street Water Reclamation Facility, Gainesville, Florida
LDO probes have reduced labor and energy costs at two WWTP facilities by more than $350,000 a year

How to save energy and money in your water and wastewater systems
-Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities
A 1998 Study by the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities Demonstrate the use of LDO technology in the activated Sludge process reduced energy costs by as much as 25%.

Maintenance Savings  

LDOPortable Hach LDO- Multiple Functions for Treatment Plant Serving Multiple Communities
-Lead Deadwood Sanitary District in South Dakota
"It's a wonderful multi-function machine that requires no maintenance and no calibration."
"We get consistent, accurate, reliable readings every time. Its so easy to use you can't do it wrong, which gives me a lot of confidence as the lab manager."
-Roger Huffman, Lab Manager

Portable Hach LDO- Less Maintenance without sacrificing Accuracy at Growing Wastewater Plant
-Solon, Iowa, Wastewater Treatment Plant
"Our old handheld DO meter just required too much maintenance, and too much time. We had to keep membranes on hand, and chemicals for when we needed to titrate, and it was another thing to attend to every month, and we replaced membranes more often than that if we encountered unstable readings."
-Scott Kleppe, Plant Supervisor

Dissolved Oxygen Control in the Activated Sludge Process
The HACH LDO system incorporates a long-life sensor that requires less maintenance than Traditional Membrane DO probes.

Hydrogen Sulfide Control Using DO Sensors
The unique Hach LDO system does not use the traditional electrolyte and electrodes of polarographic and galvanic systems, making it immune to H2S poisoning or oil and grease fouling. As a result, the Hach LDO system eliminates the need for frequent calibration and cleaning.

Reliability and Accuracy  

LDOHach Portable LDO- Staff Embraces LDO Technology to Extend Aeration Control
LDO units replace 'temperamental' DO meters at the City of Cornelia, GA, Water Pollution Control Plant.
Because the Hach LDO meter responds quickly and is immune to the measurement error often associated with the fouling of traditional sensors, it can be relied on for accurate readings.

Dissolved Oxygen Control in the Activated Sludge Process
Unlike traditional DO measurement systems that use an anode, cathode, and electrolyte, the LDO Probe does not consume oxygen and is not poisoned by wastewater components.

DO Control in the Sludge Digestion Process
"Hach LDO is the only technology on the market today that can make DO measurements in the sludge digester application because the LDO Probe is not affected by H2S. It continues to measure DO in the presence of high solids concentrations, as long as oxygen can get through to the sensor."

Aerated Biological Nitrogen Removal
"The Hach LDO Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is the state-of-the art DO system providing the most accurate measurements and requiring the least amount of maintenance of any Do system on the market today."

Time Savings  


Aquarium Gets a Handle on Handhelds for spot DO and pH Measurements
-Monterey Bay Aquarium
"Because we'll now be able to store data and download it straight to our computer, we won't have to write numbers down by hand and key them in later. This will eliminate the potential for transcription errors."

New Portable Metering System Brings Higher Level of Certainty to WWTP
Rutledge says the response of the membrane type meter often bounced around. "Plus, it needed frequent calibration and we could only do that in the lab by running it against the Winkler Method, which is a time-consuming titration method."
"Calibration is easy, repeatability is very good, and we like the fact that it stores readings that can be tracked by operator and even be downloaded to a printer or PC."