Application - Disinfection - Chlorine Methods

Parameters/Methods to understand your chlorine process better  

There are several widely-accepted influencers on disinfection processes. Looking for these influencers can help to control the process. Parameters include Chlorine demand, Intereference-free Chlorine, pH, Iron and Manganese.


Parameter, Method Portable Kit Lab/Portable On-line Instrument
Chlorine Demand, DPD   Lab Method  
Free Chlorine, Interference Free, Indophenol   Chemistries  
Iron, FerroVer PCII Kit Chemistries  
Iron, TPTZ PCII Kit Chemistries  
Manganese, LR, PAN PCII Kit Chemistries  
pH, Direct Read Meters & Probes Meters & Probes pH/ORP Sensors