Application - Disinfection - Chloramine Nitrification

Chloramination & Nitrification Control  

Chloramine is a preferred secondary disinfectant for many utilities due to its long lasting residuals and lower risk of disinfection by-products. Monochloramine is formed from the reaction of ammonia with chlorine. Measurement is important to reduce the risk of nitrification events.

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Disinfection Drinking Water

Finding answers to questions about drinking water disinfection can be difficult and time consuming, especially as new rules are introduced and regulations change. To help navigate this maze, Hach has put over 60 years of application knowledge to work with the Hach Online Disinfection Expert.

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Parameter, Method Portable Kit Lab/Portable On-line Instrument
Ammonia, Salicylate PCII Kit   5500sc
Chlorine, Total PCII Kit Chemistries CL17
Monochloramine/ Free Ammonia, Indophenol PCII Kit Chemistries 5500sc
Nitrate PCII Kit Chemistries NITRATAX™scSensor
Nitrite, Diazotization   Chemistries  
Nitrification Control Nitrification Kit    
pH Meter&Probe  Meter&Probe  PHP/ORP Sensor