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Finding answers to questions about drinking water disinfection can be difficult and time consuming, especially as new rules are introduced and regulations change. To help navigate this maze, Hach has put over 60 years of application knowledge to work with the Hach Online Disinfection Expert.

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With over 60 years of application knowledge and the broadest disinfection analysis portfolio – including our new reagentless chlorine analyzers – Hach has the experience to lead you through.

Disinfection processes are used in many applications: in keeping our drinking water free of harmful bacteria, in minimizing bacteria levels in wastewater effluent, and in limiting microbial growth in cooling systems, to name a few. Hach offers a full line of lab, portable and on-line analysis equipment that helps you keep your disinfection processes in control.

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New! Chloramination & Nitrification Control
Chloramine is a preferred secondary disinfectant for many utilities due to its long lasting residuals and lower risk of disinfection by-products. Monochloramine is formed from the reaction of ammonia with chlorine. Measurement is important to reduce the risk of nitrification events.

Chlorine monitoring for basic chlorine disinfection control
Measuring chlorine levels on-line or at the sample point is important to process control due to the instability of chlorine. Parameters include Free and Total Chlorine.

Parameters/Methods to understand your chlorine process better
There are several widely-accepted influencers on disinfection processes. Looking for these influencers can help to control the process. Parameters include Chlorine demand, Intereference-free Chlorine, pH, Iron and Manganese.

Tests to control chemical feed
Monitoring the concentration of your delivered and stored bulk feed chemicals is another part of the equation. Parameters include Aqua Ammonia and Hypochlorite.

Parameters/method to understand disinfection byproducts
A challenge for drinking water systems is controlling disinfection byproducts. Parameters to aid in this challenge include TOC, UV254, THMs, and Alkalinity.

Other disinfectants and preoxidants for disinfection byproduct, manganese and microbial control
Parameters available include Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide and UV Transmittance.