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Lachat QC8500 Advanced (1 Day) Class

July 13, 2017
8:00am - 4:00pm
Hach Training Center
5600 Lindbergh Drive
Loveland, CO, USA
State Approved:

This class is designed as a stand-alone Advanced module that could also be a continuation of the Basic class. The Advanced class explores specific topics, issues and methods in more detail. Advanced sample preparation protocols and equipment will be discussed, as well as more advanced troubleshooting techniques. Hands-on time will involve the attendees troubleshooting a QC8500 system during the class, as well as changing out manifolds, valves, detectors, and adding channels. The class will also discuss optimizing the attendees’ own specific methods by changing settings in timings, altering plumbing on the instrumentation, and modifying settings in the Omnion software. Attendees are encouraged to introduce topics based on their own experiences when running the Lachat QC8500. The focus of each class will change as the subject matter covered will depend to some extent on the needs of each group of attendees.  Some prior experience with the Lachat QC8500 is suggested prior to attending this class.