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sc200™ Universal Controller

One Hach Controller for the Broadest Range of Sensors

The Hach sc200™ universal controller works with up to 29 digital or analog sensors for up to 15 different parameters.

SC200 Controller

Build Your Own sc200

The sc200 Universal Controller is the most versatile controller on the market. It allows the use of digital and analog sensors, either alone or in combination, to provide compatibility with the broadest range of sensors.

  • Replaces the Hach sc100™ digital and GLI53 analog controllers with advanced features for easier operator use.
  • Configurable to operate either 2 Digital Sensor Inputs, or 1 or 2 Analog Sensor Inputs, or a combination of Digital and Analog Sensor Inputs. Configure Now
  • Communication options include MODBUS RTU and Profibus DPV1.
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  • sc200 Universal Controller Data Sheet

Key Benefits

Maximum Versatility

  • Standardized controller eliminates the need for a variety of dedicated controllers
  • Multi-channel controller operates either 1 or 2 sensors reducing inventory holding costs and providing an inexpensive option to add a second sensor at a later time
  • "Plug and Play" operation with all Hach digital sensors
  • True dual sensor controller provides 4-20 mA outputs to transmit primary and secondary measurement values

Ease of Use and Confidence in Results

  • New display and guided calibration procedures reduce operator error
  • Password protected SD card reader offers a simple solution for data download and transfer
  • Visual warning system provides critical alerts

Communication Options

  • MODBUS RS232/RS485 or Profibus DPV1


Configuration and Functionality

Controller Configuration Functionality
2 Channel Digital Controller Maximum versatility and flexibility:
• Plug and play with all Hach digital sensors
• Mix and match with Hach digital and GLI analog sensors
2 Channel Controller with
1 Analog and 1 Digital Sensor Input
• Plug and play with any one Hach digital sensor
• Mix and match with any one GLI analog sensor
1 or 2 Channel Analog Controller • Mix and match up to two GLI analog sensors


Controller Comparison

  sc100 GLI53 sc200 Universal Controller  
Features Current
sc100 Controller
GLI53 Controller NEW!
sc200 Controller
sc200 Benefits
Display 64 x 128 pixels
33 x 66 mm
(1.3 x 2.6 in.)
64 x 128 pixels
33 x 66 mm
(1.3 x 2.6 in.)
160 x 240 pixels
48 x 68 mm
(1.89 x 2.67 in.)
  • Improved user interface— 50% bigger
  • Easier to read in daylight and sunlight
Data Management irDA Port/PDA
Service Cable
N/A SD Card
Service Cable
  • Simplifies data transfer
  • Standardized accessories/max compatibility
Sensor Inputs 2 Max
Direct Digital
Analog via
External Gateway
2 Max
Depending on
2 Max
Digital and/or Analog
with Sensor Card
  • Simplifies analog sensor connections
  • Works with GLI and Hach's digital sensors
Analog Inputs N/A N/A 1 Analog Input Signal Analog 4-20mA Card
  • Enables non-sc analyzer monitoring
  • Accepts mA signals from other analyzers for local display
  • Consolidates analog mA signals to a digital output
4-20 mA Outputs 2 Standard 2 Standard 2 Standard
Optional 3 Additional
  • Total of six (6) 4-20 mA outputs enables up to 3 mA outputs per sensor input
Digital Communication MODBUS 232/485 Profibus DP V1.0 N/A MODBUS 232/485 Profibus DP V1.0
  • Unprecedented combination of sensor breadth and digital communication options