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CLF10 sc Free Chlorine Sensor, SC200 Controller and Stainless Steel Panel with pHD Differential Sensor, 24VDC

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Hach’s CLF10 sc and CLT10 sc provide online amperometric solutions for real-time analysis of free or total chlorine in disinfection applications.

The CLF10 sc Free Chlorine Analyzer and CLT10 sc Total Chlorine Analyzer measure free or total chlorine continuously for real time process control. It is based on amperometric technology and is fully compatible with all of Hach's digital controllers. The CLF10 sc can be used in most municipal and industrial applications, and is best utilized where waste stream management is a constraint.

  • EPA-approved Free or Total Chlorine Analysis
  • No Reagents to Replace, No Waste Stream
  • Chlorine Analysis Made Easy