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Data Security

Our Security Commitment: Hach and Your Data


Hach is committed to protecting the integrity of your data. Our data-security policies include well-defined and comprehensive security processes, with continual evaluation and improvement as standards change and new risks emerge – so your data remains safe, now and into the future.

Security FAQs


How does Hach keep my data secure?

Hach uses a “defense-in-depth” approach to data security; a well-architected solution that provides security at every level:

  • Data acquisition/ transfer: We provide your device and process data safe, with multiple layers of security between your instrument and the Claros application you are using.
  • Data storage: For Hach’s cloud-based products like Mobile Sensor Management (MSM) and Claros Collect, Hach partners with Microsoft Azure, a best-in-class provider with deep expertise in data-at-rest security, data sovereignty and minimizing opportunities for external intrusion. When it comes to Hach’s on-premise solutions like WIMS and RTC, data is stored at the customer site with industry-standard databases and remains under the customer’s control.
  • Data access: Access privileges are tailored to your operation with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) enforced throughout the infrastructure, with username and password privileges appropriate to your unique operational and personnel needs.

How does Hach stay ahead of risks and threats?

With external partners like Microsoft Azure, our comprehensive in-house protocols securely support the Claros platform. Periodic vulnerability and penetration tests provide further assurance that our systems and protocols remain effective.

What type of data is collected, and who owns it?

Hach only collects data pertinent to the Claros solution being utilized (e.g. measurement data, parameters, and device ID) as well as general information needed for communication and coordination (such as facility name, customer email addresses, usernames, etc). Data remains the property of each customer, and Hach never sells or releases the data to third parties, but retains the right to transmit, copy, or delete information as may be necessary to deliver services.

We work hard to keep your data secure – so you can work hard keeping your plant running smoothly.

“Hach takes Claros security very seriously. We employ a multi-layered cloud security approach that minimizes the risk of security breaches. We continuously monitor new threats and pursue mitigations and certifications to safeguard our customers against those, so that they can focus on what is important: their job.”

– Gary Rieger, Vice President of Information Technology, Hach

Service and Support

Hach Training Center provides relevant, hands-on training to your team, giving them the experience they need to master various theories and techniques—and produce results you can trust for quality assurance, environmental safety, and regulatory compliance. Hach experts offer a large course catalog of workshop training, personalized training, and digital learning designed to increase proficiency and confidence for plant operators, instrument and field technicians, laboratory personnel, and plant managers and superintendents.

Hach ServicePlus ® Programs have been developed to help solve your maintenance and support problems. Whether it’s a lack of resources or skills, an instrument that is down, compliance concerns or the need for a predictable budget, we have programs to fit the unique challenges you face in your organization.