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Chemkey Recycling Program

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In partnership with Heritage Environmental Services, the Hach Chemkey recycling program is designed to offer SL1000 customers an easy, environmentally friendly, inexpensive and reliable process to dispose of used Chemkeys.

The recycling service includes delivery of lined storage container, (capacity of 950 Chemkeys only, Chemkey packaging not to be included) as well as pre-paid return shipment of full container. Available only in the contiguous 48 States.

Purchasers of the recycling service agree to Hach's Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, as modified here, including the below terms and conditions set forth from Heritage Environmental Services:

**I hereby certify that I am an authorized agent of the generator and warrant on behalf of the generator that all of the spent/used Hach Chemkeys being returned for recycling do not contain and have not come into contact with any hazardous substance designated in 40 CFR Part 302, and the Hach Chemkeys, through use, have not become hazardous waste as defined in 40 CFR 261 or equivalent state regulation. I further certify that the container being shipped contains exclusively spent/used Hach Chemkeys and does not contain other materials, including but not limited to: chemicals, devices, personal protective equipment, paper, free liquids, solids, infectious materials, genetically modified biological materials, radiological materials, or similar materials.**

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Purchase of this recycling service is non-cancelable and non-refundable

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Stress-Free

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