Unparalleled Hach Chemistries

Not all chemistries are created equal

Hach Chemistries

Hach chemistries are manufactured under stringent conditions to ensure quality and consistency for an accurate test every time. Our chemical synthesis and purification is all done in-house, ensuring the highest quality. Our reagents are formulated to reduce the effects of common sample interferences for reliable results in a variety of conditions and concentration ranges. An exceptionally stable product means a long shelf life for reliable results over time.

Hach is a dedicated, in-house chemistry manufacturer with more than 60 years of history in formulating and packaging high-quality reagents. Hach understands our customers’ applications and formulates and tests our reagents to ensure performance under real-use conditions. No other company can offer these advantages.

Genuine Hach Chemistries, for Hach Instruments

Designed as a System.
Only Hach chemistries and instruments are designed to work as an integrated system, eliminating calibration and variability errors from the outset so you can be certain of your results.

Reagent Stability.
Formulations and packaging are designed to provide long product life to ensure accurate results after shipping and storage.

Hach provides a number of choices for most analytical tests to meet the needs of different users. Our options allow for complex analyses without complicated procedures.

We offer a 30-day return guarantee as well as a dedicated support team. Our world-class team is trained to solve your technical problems, backed by decades of experience.

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