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Produce Superior Products and Control Water Quality with Hach Orbisphere

With the integration of Orbisphere and Hach Company, you can now monitor and assure superior quality products and manage your brewing water quality and wastewater with the complete analytical solution from Hach. Our accurate, industry-standard products provide consistent and reliable results for your lab and production areas while helping you control costs and increase production uptime.

Every step of the way, Hach has you covered.

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Dissolved Gases

Dissolved Gas brewhouse

Brewers know that the dissolved gas levels of their products can affect both flavor stability and consumer appeal.

Water Quality

Water Quality Brew House

Creating the highest quality beverages begins with the right water quality.



Hach's portfolio of lab and process instruments can help reduce costs, save energy, monitor organic loading, and ensure compliance.

Product Spotlight  

Orbisphere 6110 Total O₂/CO₂ Package Analyzer & Installation Kit

ORBISPHERE 6110 Total Package Analyzer

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide affect the taste of your beer and TPO measurements ensure shelf life stability. The 6110 easily and automatically provides oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations for both the headspace and liquid in bottles or cans.

DR6000™ UV VIS Spectrophotometer with RFID Technology

DR 6000™

The DR 6000 offers high speed wavelength scanning across the UV and Visible Spectrum, with pre-programmed MEBAK methods and color measurement as L.A.B. Enzymatic analysis, reducing setup time and increasing accuracy.

ASBC Brewery methods can also be added to this instrument for Anthocyanogens, Iron, Steam Volatile Phenols, Beer Color, Iso-Alpha-Acids, Total Polyphenols, Bitterness Units, Photometric Iodine, Thiobarbituric Acid Number (TAN), Free Amino Nitrogen, Reductones, and Vicinal Diketones.

Orbisphere M1100 online Luminescent dissolved oxygen analyzer for in-line applications, 0-2 ppm, with 28 mm Orbisphere fitting

ORBISPHERE M1100, Luminescent DO Sensor

The M1100 offers a new way of monitoring oxygen (O2) in beer and de-aerated water, offering significant operating and cost benefits.

  • Optical technology gives you the lowest drift, fastest response, and annual calibration
  • Superior accuracy in ppb oxygen (O2) measurement for effective process control
  • The sensor is available in 12 mm and 28 mm options
HQ30D Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Laboratory Kit for Water Quality, with Luminescent DO Sensor, 1 m Cable

HQ30d Meter with IntelliCAL™ LDO Probe for Wort Analysis

The breakthrough Hach Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO®) technology, now the standard for measuring Dissolved Oxygen, eliminates the numerous reliability and maintenance concerns inherent in older DO membrane instruments.

  • No membranes!
  • Infrequent Calibration
  • No electrolyte to replace or anode to polish
  • 1-year sensor life

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