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BODTrak II Respirometric BOD Apparatus

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Simplified BOD analysis.

Simplify BOD analysis with the BODTrak™II Respirometric BOD Apparatus. Results comparable to the dilution method can be achieved in only two to three days. Use these results for process control or as a complement to the dilution method (not approved by USEPA for NPDES reporting purposes). The BODTrak II is a re-engineered version of the original Hach BODTrak. Improvements to the old system include greaseless bottle seals, a larger graphical display, improved stirring and temperature control, a smaller footprint, improved procedures with expanded options, an auto-switching power supply, and bottle fences to prevent tipping of bottles.

  • Decrease total test time
  • Faster than Dilution Method
  • BOD results that are easy to monitor
  • Standalone operation
  • DO probes and titrations are eliminated

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