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VitalSensors Brewing Analyzer

  • Overview
The VS-3000 Sensor System measures dissolved concentrations using direct infrared measurement.
Typical installations include pipes, tanks, blenders or fillers. VS-3000 Sensors do not require flow to operate. The VS-3000 Sensor is designed to operate 24 x 7 and requires no routine maintenance except for typical CIP procedures.
The VS-3000 Dashboard Software provides a management platform for all VS-3000 Sensor functions and displays measurement data. VS-3000 Dashboard operation is achieved through an intuitive user interface.
The Sensor Management Station (SMS) uses a digital display to continuously report the measured concentration(s) in the fluid. The units of each parameter are sensor and application dependent. The SMS records concentration measurements in a log file stored locally. The SMS has facilities to implement offset adjustments to fine tune the sensor readings to plant specific conditions. VS-3000 Sensor Systems can be used as a standalone unit or as part of an automated process system under PLC control.
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