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BioTector B7000 TOC Analyzer

Hach BioTector Online TOC/TN Analyzer, Plus Model

Maximum Uptime and Reliability: Any Application, Any Condition

Hach BioTector B7000 TOC Analyzers use a patented self-cleaning oxidation technology (TSAO) to easily handle difficult samples and significantly reduce the maintenance schedule and costs associated with traditional on-line measurement.

Key benefits include:

  • Superior reliability—Typically 99.7% uptime.
  • High dependability—Patented two-stage advanced >oxidation technology handles even the most challenging applications involving fats, oils, greases, salts, sludge, and particulates.
  • Intelligent design—Self-cleaning technology and oversized tubing eliminates filtration and prevents clogging and sample contamination.
  • Minimal maintenance—No calibration or service required between 6 month service interval.
  • Low cost of ownership—Provides a quick pay back with cost savings in chemical dosing, waste reduction and optimized processes.

Applications for the Biotector TOC Analyzer include:

  • Control of Influent to Industrial Waste Treatment Plants
  • Monitoring of Final Effluent
  • Measuring Organic Carbon and Inorganic Carbon in Process
  • Minimizing Waste from Process Plants
  • Monitoring Cooling Water
  • Monitoring Boiler Condensate & Feed Water
  • Monitoring Municipal Waste Treatment Plant - Influent & Effluent
  • Monitoring River Water
  • Monitoring Surface Water
  • Monitoring Landfill sites
  • Monitoring De-icing runoff in Airports
  • Monitoring Process Breakthrough and Spills
  • Special Applications
Hach BioTector Competitor Tubing

How does your TOC analyzer compare? BioTector (shown at right) uses larger tubing to prevent plugging or fouling.

Technology Comparison


  TSAO (BioTector) Thermal UV Persulfate
Calcium and salt Causes no impact with chlorides up to 30% and calcium up to 12%. Leads to analyzer failure due to collection of un-oxidized particulates in the furnace. Reduces persulphate oxidation potential with concentration as low as 0.05%
Algae growth Does not impact the analyzer due to automatic self-cleaning feature. Collects in the sample system, leading to plugging.
Microfilters and pre-filter systems Eliminates the need for filtering due to 3.2mm sample tubes which handle up to 2 mm particulates. Requires filtering to prevent plugging of very small sample tubes (0.5 mm) and microsyringes. Requires filtering to prevent plugging of very small sample tubes and micro-slider valves.
Oils, fats and greases Self cleans in approximately 12-24 minutes. Must shut down analyzer to clean and maintain regularly. Loses measurement for approximately 12-24 hours.
Measurement drifts Allows a 6-month calibration interval due to TSAO method and high quality build. Requires calibration every 2-3 days due to furnace buildup and IR bench contamination. Requires calibration every 2-3 days due to UV light source scaling that causes incomplete oxidation and drift.
Automatic self-cleaning capability Includes automatic self-cleaning of the reactor and sample system with every reaction. Not available. Requires analyzer to be offline for 1 hour for manual cleaning.
View our flash demonstration illustrating the self-cleaning process of Hach BioTector B7000.