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AS950 Peristaltic Samplers

AS950 Peristaltic Samplers
Hach AS950 Automatic Samplers collect and store representative water samples for accurate laboratory analysis. AS950 automatic samplers are available in three base types: portable, indoor refrigerated, and all-weather refrigerated, and are compatible with a variety of bottle sets of varying size, quantity, and material. The AS950 is configurable to meet all sampling needs by combining a controller, a base, a bottle set, accessories and sampling program features. Hach AS950 automatic water samplers are easy to program for grab and composite sampling for NPDES Compliance, as well as a wide variety of applications including industrial pretreatment, stormwater, process control, and wastewater sampling. Watch the short video below to see additional key features of the AS950 in action.

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All Weather Samplers

Robust, weather resistant sampler for indoor or outdoor applications.

IO9000 Module

Sampling has never been this easy.

Portable Samplers

Light weight and low power requirements for easy mobility in field applications.

Refrigerated Samplers

Optimized for indoor requirements.