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APA 6000 High Range Hardness Analyzer

APA 6000 High Range Hardness Analyzer
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Measures high-range hardness using EPA-approved calmagite chemistry

Using a precise colorimetric method, the instrument performs an analysis every four minutes. It delivers continuous, accurate, and dependable performance with minimal cost for operation and maintenance.

Accurately and continuously measures up to two sample streams

Two separate sample streams can be monitored with the APA 6000 Hardness Analyzer when used with additional sample sequencing kits.

Easy to Use

The interface of the APA 6000 Hardness Analyzer is menu-driven with on-screen prompting, self-test diagnostics, security provisions, and flexible data logging options. Simple menus (available in English, French, German or Spanish) guide the user through each step of operation.

Industrial and Ultrapure Water Applications

The APA 6000 Hardness Analyzer can be used to monitor both influent and effluent in industrial applications and water treatment processes including demineralizer effluent, boiler feed-water, boiler water, and process water.

Makes your water softening system more efficient and less costly

The APA 6000 High-Range Hardness Analyzer is designed specifically for reliable and continuous analysis at high concentrations. Use it to establish an automatic system for monitoring softener performance in industrial, ultrapure, and water treatment processes.

What's in the box?

APA 6000 HR Hardness analyzer, installation kit, one month's supply of reagents, a maintenance kit, Hach user manual.


Accuracy: ± 5 % of reading or ± 2 mg/L CaCO3 whichever is greater
Alarm: Two SPDT relays with contacts rated for 5A resistive load at 230 Vac. Additional relays available with optional Signal Output Modules.
Certifications: NRTL certified to UL and CSA standards and CE approved
Cycle Time: 8.2 min
Dimensions: Height: 21 " (526 mm)
Dimensions: Width: (627 mm)
Drain Fitting: 3/4" NPT barbed hose fitting
Inlet Pressure: 0.5 to 30.0 psig (0.03 to 2.04 bar)
Length: 533 mm (522 mm)
Network Connectivity: AquaTrend™ network, using the Lonworks® protocol
Output: Two 4-20 mA outputs suitable for recorders or PID control. Ouput span programmable over any portion of the measuring range (130 Vac isolation from earth ground)
Parameter: High Range Hardness (10 - 1000 mg/L)
Power Requirements (Hz): 50/60 Hz
Power Requirements (Voltage): 110 - 240 V AC
Range: 10 - 1000 mg/L hardness as CaCO3
Repeatability: ± 5 % of reading or ± 2 mg/L CaCO3, whichever is greater
Response Time: Less than 17 min for 90% response
Sample Flow Rate: max 100 - 2000 mL/min
Sample Temperature: 5 - 50°C (41 - 122°F)
Weight: 25.5 kg