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Anammox activity TNTplus Vial Test (0 - 1000 mAbs), 25 Tests

Product #: TNT882KTO
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Expert Anammox activity test made simple.

Performing the method requires additional mandatory reagents:

- 2187569 (Porphyrine 2 Reagent), pk/100
- SM10311841 Filters pk/100 (5-12 µm particle retention)

Further optional accessories:
2584335 Micro Funnel, pk/1
SM212864457 Baffled Flask, pk/1

Unique, ready-to-use heme testing method to evaluate the activity of Anammox bacteria in the Anammox nitrogen removal process. Test kit TNT882KTO comes with one box of TNT882 pk/25 and one box LCW906 pk/25.

25 Anammox activity vials per box.

  • Easy and safe handling
  • Fast - no more outsourcing of Anammox samples
  • Automatic method detection
  • Documented shelf life and COA

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