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5500sc Ammonia Monochloramine Analyzer

How do you currently manage your chloramination? Are you looking for an accurate and reliable way to optimize your process?
You could be spending precious time and money on unnecessary or incorrect testing. Or you could be using the 5500sc Ammonia Monochloramine Analyzer to provide continuous monitoring that gives you the information you need to control your chloramination process.

With Prognosys, the analyzer’s onboard predictive diagnostic software, you will have early insight into the measurement reliability and service requirements of your instruments. A user-friendly interface, color coded reagent bottles and at-a-glance status lights will offer peace of mind the instrument is up and running.

Do you struggle to prevent harmful nitrification events?
The 5500sc Ammonia Monochloramine Analyzer provides all the information you need to eliminate nitrification events and taste and odor issues, giving you total confidence in your process.

The analyzer offers an easy-to-operate, low-maintenance solution to help you maintain the proper chlorine to ammonia ratio and assure there is no free ammonia in your system that could lead to nitrification. We removed the traditional pumps associated with reagent delivery and replaced them with a pressurized system to eliminate the hassles and maintenance that pumps can cause.
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