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Alkalinity (Total) TNTplus Vial Test (25-400 mg/L CaCO₃), 25 Tests

Product #: TNT870
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Expert Alkalinity test made simple.

Alkalinity TNTplus® chemistry and your Hach spectrophotometer are engineered to simplify water analysis for accurate results, everytime.

For photometric determination of total alkalinity in drinking water, wastewater, and boiler water.

Traditional alkalinity measurement has involved time consuming titrations requiring expensive glassware and subjective end point determination by difficult to see color changes. With Alkalinity TNTplus® reagents, simply add sample and included indicator to the vial, invert to mix, and insert into your Hach spectrophotometer! The Direct Read Technology will provide your Total Alkalinity result to the nearest mg/L! No more cleaning glassware, dealing with large amounts of waste, and worrying about human errors.

Upgrade from traditional titration based methods to TNTplus® Alkalinity reagents today!

25 Total Alkalinity reagent vials per box.

  • Easy and safe handling
  • No reagent blank necessary
  • Automatic method detection
  • Documented shelf life and COA