Hach Process Conductivity Sensors

Contacting Conductivity/Resistivity Sensors

Family of sensors

These enhanced performance sensors are manufactured to exacting tolerances using high quality, rugged materials for demanding applications including ultra-pure water, clean-in-place (CIP), and boiler/condensate monitoring.
See also: Hach Process pH/ORP Sensors.

Product No. Cell Constant Fitting Style
Analog Digital  
3422A1A D3422A1 0.05 1/2-inch NPT Kynar® (PVDF)
3422A2A D3422A2 0.05 1/2-inch NPT 316 stainless steel
3422B3A D3422B3 0.5 3/4-inch NPT Kynar® (PVDF)
3422C3A D3422C3 1.0 3/4-inch NPT Kynar® (PVDF)
3422E3A D3422E3 0.5 non-metallic, 3/4 NPT Ryton body
3433E8A D3433E8 10 non-metallic, 3/4 NPT Ryton body
3444B8A D3444B8 0.5 Boiler/Condensate 3/4 NPT SS body

Inductive Conductivity Sensors

Contacting Conductivity Family of sensors

The innovative technology of Hach’s Inductive Conductivity Sensors eliminates polarization and electrode coating problems in harsh environments. Available in sanitary (CIP) flange style and convertible styles in PFA PTFE, polypropylene, PEEK®, and PVDF.

Product No. Body Style Fitting Style
Analog Digital
3705E2T D3705E2T Sanitary Polypropylene
3706E2T D3706E2T Sanitary PVDF
3708E2T D3708E2T Sanitary PFA PTFE
3725E2T D3725E2T Convertible Polypropylene
3726E2T D3726E2T Convertible PVDF
3727E2T D3727E2T Convertible PEEK
3728E2T D3728E2T Convertible PFA PTFE

Conductivity Reference Solutions

Use Hach Conductivity Reference Solutions to calibrate your sensor!

Product No. Range Volume
25M3A2000-119 100-1000 µS/cm 1 liter
25M3A2050-119 1000-2000 µS/cm 1 liter
25M3A2100-119 2000-150,000 µS/cm 1 liter
25M3A2200-119 200,000-300,000 µS/cm 1 liter
25M3A2300-119 300,000-800,000 µS/cm 1 liter

* Specify the desired conductivity value of the solution at the time of your order.