Hach LDO® Technology for the Power Industry

How Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Works:

Our Hach dissolved oxygen instruments are equipped with a measuring LED that emits a pulse of blue light and a photo diode as a light detector. The instruments are also equipped with a sensitive luminescent coated spot that is exposed to the sample.

  • The measuring LED emits a pulse of blue light which irradiates the back of the oxygen sensitive spot. The coating material reacts with luminescence and emits a pulse of red light where the intensity and time delay are measured.
  • When oxygen is present in the sample stream and contacts the coating, the intensity and time delay of the luminescent light emission are changed.
  • The more oxygen molecules come into contact with the coating, the lower the intensity and the shorter the duration of the red radiation. These changes in the profile curve are used to determine the measurement.

Hach Orbisphere K1100

Hach Orbisphere 3100

Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

410 ORBISPHERE Controller with K1100 Luminescent Oxygen Sensor Kit – Hach 3100 ORBISPHERE LDO Portable Measuring & logging Instrument – Hach

K1100 - Wall

The K1100 optical sensor is the first to use luminescent measurement technology to measure low level oxygen in power plants making it virtually maintenance free

With Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) technology integrated into the ORBISPHERE 3100, this analyzer is guaranteed to improve process efficiency and provide accurate dissolved oxygen measurements.

  • No membranes = 2 minutes of annual maintenance
  • Only 1 calibration per year
  • Compatible with ORBISPHERE 28 mm flow chamber for a low cost retrofit
  • Robust design that endures harsh environments
  • Fast response time and accurate measurements
  • Very low drift; requires less than once a year calibration/maintenance

Watch the video to see just how fast it is

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This free, on-demand webinar will focus on the Measurement and Management of Dissolved Oxygen in an Industrial steam cycle.

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Topics include:

  • Effects of dissolved oxygen
  • Importance of measuring dissolved oxygen
  • Water chemistry
  • Sources of oxygen in leakage
  • Measurement points
  • Sampling
  • Forensics
  • New technology to measure dissolved oxygen