Anatel PAT700- Push a Button and Walk Away!

ANATEL PAT700, On-line TOC Analyzer with Multi-bottle AutoSampler

Unique features make the Anatel PAT700 the first on-line TOC analyzer to truly allow the transition of TOC analysis from the laboratory to the production floor.

Key Features:

  • 4 bottle autosampler for laboratory and grab samples now standard with every PAT700.
  • Simplify validation and reduce operator intervention with OASIS Onboard Automated Standards Introduction System.
  • Provide peace of mind, superior reliability and uptime with UV Detect and advanced diagnostics.
  • PAT design for compliance in the most demanding regulatory environments.

The unique single cell end point detection method used in Anatel TOC analyzers for more than 25 years provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability, not available in any other TOC technology today.

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