Product - COD Digestion


Learn more about Samples, Measurement, and Disposal of COD Vials

DRB200: Digital Reactor Block: 9 x 16 mm vial wells, 2 x 20 mm vial wells, 115 Vac

DRB 200 Reactors

The simple solution for standard and special digestions, reactors offer programmable digestion temperature and duration time. A dual digestion block gives the option for simultaneous digestions.



Reactor Adapter, 16mm to 13mm, for TNTplus vials, 5/PK

Reactor Adapter

  • Converts 16 mm diameter vial wells to 13 mm wells
  • Drop in and remove easily after cooling


Use the COD chemistries appropriate for your instrument to help ensure optimal results.


Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) TNTplus Vial Test, ULR (1-60 mg/L COD)


All TNTplus reagents work with Hach’s DR 6000™ and DR 3900™ Spectrophotometers to simplify analysis, minimize error, eliminate chemical exposure and save time.




Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) TNTplus Vial Test, HR (20-1,500 mg/L COD)

COD TNTplus (13 mm)

The following four chemistries contain mercury. Dispose of according to local, state and federal regulations.





Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Mercury-Free TNTplus Vial Test, HR (25-1,000 mg/L COD)

Mercury-free COD TNTplus (13 mm)

A greener choice without the hassle of mercury disposal.





COD Digestion Vials, Ultra Low Range, 1 to 40 mg/L COD, pk/150

COD Digestion Vials

Minimize handling of corrosive and toxic chemicals and eliminate pipetting hazardous reagents. 16 mm Test ’N Tube for Hach DR 6000™ and DR 3900™ Spectrophotometers.





COD2 Digestion Vials, HR, Mercury-free, pk/25

Mercury-free COD 2 Vials

16 mm Test ’N Tube for all instruments except DR 900 and Pocket Colorimeter II.





COD Digestion Vials, Manganese III, pk/150

COD Manganese III-Method 10067

16 mm for all instruments except Pocket Colorimeter II.