Just the Facts: Hach's 9240 Sodium Analyzer

With Hach's innovative 9240 Sodium Analyzer you save money and time, while delivering accurate measurements with a safer maintenance process.

  1. The only sodium analyzer that does not require electrode etching.
  2. The easiest calibration sequence of any analyzer.
  3. Requires less reagent and still maintains accuracy.
  4. The only sodium analyzer that can sample more than two streams.

9240 Sodium Analyzer: 2 channel | 3 channel | 4 channel
9245 Sodium Analyzer: Single Channel

How the 9240 Beats the Competition

   Hach ABB Thermo Orion SwanAMI Sodium P
Features 9240/9245 8037 Sodium Model 2111XP A-24.411.100
Automatic sodium electrode reactivation
Hydrofluoric acid free
Multi-channel capability Up to 4 Channels Up to 2 Channels
Automatic Calibration
Low DIPA consumption in Grap Sample mode 250mL per use Syringe System 1L per use
Temperature adjusted reagent delivery system
One instrument for all power plant applications 0.01ppb-10ppm 0.1ppb-10ppm 1 ppb-200ppm 0.1ppb-10ppm
Robust design to prevent fouling Requires 60µm filtration Requires pressure regulator
Interface with trends, graphs, and diagnostic tools
Local Service and Support in all areas (US Mainland)