9187sc Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer with sc100 controller and RS232


9187sc Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer with sc100 controller and RS232
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Ideal for drinking water plants, industrial rinsing, and cooling towers.

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Analyzer performs reagentless analysis of ClO2 in which an ion-selective membrane separates electrolyte from sample water. All-inclusive, pre-assembled panel reduces installation expense. Plug & Play with digital controllers simplifies setup. Built-in flow regulation reduces need for additional accessories. Integral temperature sensor provides more accurate readings. Includes 2 years of typical maintenance parts, thus reducing operating costs. The Analyzer includes sc100 Universal Controller with RS-232 (MODBUS®) Communications and sc100 Universal Controller Mounting Panel.

  • Selective Membrane Avoids Interference from other species
  • Flexible Options
  • Easy Setup and Maintenance
  • Compatible with Hach Multi-Sensor, Multi-Parameter Digital Controllers

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