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1720E Low Range Process Turbidimeter - Turbidity Sensor Only, 2 m cable

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The low range turbidimeter

Compliant with EPA Method 180.1, the 1720E Low Range Turbidimeter is a trusted, continuous-reading nephelometric turbidimeter designed for low-range turbidity monitoring. A built-in bubble removal system allows the 1720E to be sensitive to fine changes in low level turbidity. When connected to a Hach SC controller, the instrument can store up to 6 months of measurement logs, verification data, and other instrument information for complete data reporting. Verification is made easy with the optional ICE-PIC module that allows for verification of the turbidimeter in less than one minute.

The 1720E will be replaced by the TU5300 sc soon. See the recommended products section of this page or visit to learn more.

  • Accuracy
  • Data Collection and Display
  • USEPA Reporting
  • Experience