sensION+ 5014T laboratory combination pH electrode for high performance in general applications

Product #: LZW5014T.97.002
USD Price: $276.00

sensION+ 5014T is a glass combination pH electrode with a refillable reference electrolyte and built-in temperature sensor. The 5014T has a fixed 1 meter cable with BNC connector (pH) and banana (temperature) connectors. It is intended for use with Hach sensION+ Laboratory pH meters. The 5014T has two ceramic pin reference junctions and an encapsulated reference system with silver ion barrier. It and is ideal for high performance pH measurements in general aqueous applications

  • High performance 3-in-1 design for a variety of applications
  • Encapsulated cartridge reference system ensures premium stability and long lifespan
  • Precision temperature measurement with the patented ContATC system