sc200 Universal Controller Products 

Choose from Hach's Broad Range of Digital and Analog Sensors

Build Your Own sc200 Controller to work with any sc200 Sensor!

Parameter Sensor Digital/Analog
Ammonia AMTAX™ sc | NH4D sc
Chlorine CLF10 sc | CLT10 sc | 9184sc
Chlorine Dioxide 9187sc
Conductivity 3400 | 3700
Dissolved Oxygen LDO® | 5740 sc
Flow U53 | F53
Nitrate NITRATAX™ sc | NO3D sc
Oil in Water FP 360 sc
Organics UVAS sc
Ozone 9185sc
pH/ORP pH/ORP Digital
pH/ORP Analog | pH Combination | LCP
Phosphate PHOSPHAX™ sc
Sludge Level SONATAX sc
Suspended Solids SOLITAX® sc | TSS sc
Turbidity 1720E | FT660 sc | SS7 sc | ULTRATURB sc | SOLITAX sc


= Digital
= Analog