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sc100 Universal Controller, Standard


sc100 Universal Controller, Standard
Product #: LXV401.52.00002



This item is no longer available.

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The Model sc100 Controller receives data from one or two sensors. Its plug-and-play, mix-and-match operation lets it fit into any facility or workflow. Digital communication with any Hach digital sensor or probe is simple and reliable. sc100 is also available with RS485/MODBUS® Communications (LXV401.52.02002) or RS232/MODBUS® Communications (LXV401.52.01002). For other communication options which may be available, contact Hach Technical Support or your Hach representative.

  • Simple, Reliable Data Collection
  • "Plug and Play" Operation
  • One controller for One or Two Sensors
  • One controller for One or Two Parameters
  • One controller for many Options

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