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Application Notes Type Language Size Date Edition
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen: Simplified with s-TKN™
  English US 445 KB 2013-07 Ed1
High Range Sulfide Measurement for Oil and Gas Field Waters with Hach's Modified Methylene Blue Method
  English US 367 KB 2013-03
A Specific and Effective Method for Controlling Chloramination of Waters
Lit No. 1755 Chloramination Application Note, by D.L. Harp.
This Application Note provides an overview of chloramination and describes an effective new test method.
  English US 124 KB 2005-03 Ed1
UV Transmission and UV Absorbance Methods Application Note
  English US 137 KB 2011-01 Ed1
Monitoring Iron Transport in Power Generation- Application Note
  English US 878 KB 2013-07 Ed1
The Spectrophotometer and Beer: A Love Story
  English US 718 KB 2013-08
Coagulation, Flocculation and Clarification of Drinking Water
  3 MB 2014-02
Low Range Hexavalent Chromium for use with DR 2700, DR 2800, DR 3900 and DR 5000 Hach Spectrophotometer
Lit 2092
  English US 198 KB 2011-06
Glutaraldehyde Procedure For Produced and Flowback Oil and Gas Waters
  English US 218 KB 2014-10
Split beam vs Single Beam Optics for all Hach Spectrophotometers including DR5000, DR3900, DR2800, DR2700
Application Note
  English US 61 KB 2012-03 Ed 1
Organic Carbon Relationships Instruction Sheet
  English US 216 KB 1999-10 Ed1
Guar Analysis: Anthrone Detection of Guar
  English US 232 KB 2014-10
Ultra Low Range Total and Reactive Phosphorus for use with DR 2700, DR 2800, DR 3800, DR 3900 and DR 5000 Hach Spectrophotometers
  English US 105 KB 2012-06 Edition 2
Simplified Total Organic Carbon Vial Testing: Improved Vial Testing with TNTplus
  English US 406 KB 2014-10
Ultra Low Range Silica, for use with Hach DR2700, DR 2800, DR 3800, DR 3900, DR 5000 and DR 6000 Spectrophotometers
  English US 255 KB 2012-11
Datasheets/Brochures Type Language Size Date Edition
Methods Quick Reference Guide Data Sheet
Lit 2353
  English US 100 KB 2011-04 Rev 1
TNT Plus® Vial Chemistries Data Sheet
  English US 176 KB 2012-09 Rev 5
Standard Solutions and QuaLITy Control Samples Data Sheet
  English US 95 KB 2007-08
Complete Water Analysis for the<br />FOOD INDUSTRY
  English US 2 MB 2014-06 Rev 1
Simplified TKN (s-TKN™): TKN Finally Made Easy
  English US 688 KB 2012-11 Ed 1
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