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Application Notes Type Language Size Date Edition
Process Water Conservation, Treatment & Recycling Minimizes Water Consumption
Application Note
  English US 981 KB 2012-05 Edition 1
Introduction to Biochemical Oxygen Demand, by Clifford C. Hach, Robert L. Klein, Jr., Charles R. Gibbs
LIT 7022-Technical Information Booklet No. 7
  English US 2 MB 1999-07 Ed 1
Analysis of Chlorine in Highly Turbid or Colored Waters
  English US 219 KB 2014-10
An Introduction to Standards and Quality Control for the Laboratory, by Barbara Martin
LIT 2426
  English US 346 KB 2002-09 Ed 1
Determination of Phenol, Micro Dist for Distillation and TNT868 for Phenol Determination using TNT868
  English US 335 KB 2015-04 Rev 1
UV Transmission and UV Absorbance Methods Application Note
  English US 137 KB 2011-01 Ed1
High Range Sulfide Measurement for Oil and Gas Field Waters with Hach's Modified Methylene Blue Method
  English US 367 KB 2013-03
The Science of Chemical Oxygen Demand, by Wayne Boyles
LIT 7053-Technical Information Series Booklet No. 9
  English US 2 MB 1999-07 Ed 1
Manganese III Chemical Oxygen Demand Technical Paper, by Wayne Boyles, Research Chemist
LIT 7057
  English US 799 KB 1999-07 Ed 1
A Specific and Effective Method for Controlling Chloramination of Waters
Lit No. 1755 Chloramination Application Note, by D.L. Harp.
This Application Note provides an overview of chloramination and describes an effective new test method.
  English US 124 KB 2005-03 Ed1
Determination of Ammonia Distillation of water, sludge and soil samples using Micro Dist and determination of ammonia using TNT830, 831 and 832
  English US 336 KB 2014-12
Coagulation, Flocculation and Clarification of Drinking Water
  English US 3 MB 2014-02
The Spectrophotometer and Beer: A Love Story
  English US 718 KB 2013-08
Selecting the Right Ammonia Method for Your Lab
  English US 361 KB 2014-10
Low Range Hexavalent Chromium for use with DR 2700, DR 2800, DR 3900 and DR 5000 Hach Spectrophotometer
Lit 2092
  English US 198 KB 2011-06
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen: Simplified with s-TKN™
  English US 445 KB 2013-07 Ed1
Wastewater and Biosolids Analysis Manual. Digestion and Selected Methods for Determining Metals, Minerals, and Other Related Parameters
  English US 5 MB 2001-10 Ed 1
Determination of Peracetic Acid (PAA) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H₂O₂) In Water-Concentration Range of 0.1 to 10 mg/L (DPD Method)
  English US 457 KB 2014-11
Glutaraldehyde Procedure For Produced and Flowback Oil and Gas Waters
  English US 218 KB 2014-10
Split beam vs Single Beam Optics for all Hach Spectrophotometers including DR5000, DR3900, DR2800, DR2700
Application Note
  English US 61 KB 2012-03 Ed 1
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