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Application Notes Type Language Size Date Edition
Process Water Conservation, Treatment & Recycling Minimizes Water Consumption
Application Note
  English US 981 KB 2012-05
Introduction to Biochemical Oxygen Demand, by Clifford C. Hach, Robert L. Klein, Jr., Charles R. Gibbs
LIT7022-Technical Information Booklet No. 7
  English US 2 MB 1999-07 Ed 1
Analysis of Chlorine in Highly Turbid or Colored Waters
  English US 219 KB 2014-10
An Introduction to Standards and Quality Control for the Laboratory, by Barbara Martin
  English US 346 KB 2002-09 Ed 1
Determination of Phenol, Micro Dist for Distillation and TNT868 for Phenol Determination using TNT868
  English US 640 KB 2015-04 Rev 1
The Science of Chemical Oxygen Demand, by Wayne Boyles
LIT7053-Technical Information Series Booklet No. 9
  English US 2 MB 1999-07 Ed 1
Manganese III Chemical Oxygen Demand Technical Paper, by Wayne Boyles, Research Chemist
  English US 799 KB 1999-07 Ed 1
A Specific and Effective Method for Controlling Chloramination of Waters, by D.L. Harp.<br />This Application Note provides an overview of chloramination, and describes an effective new test method.
  English US 124 KB 2005-03 Ed1
UV Transmission and UV Absorbance Methods Application Note
  English US 137 KB 2011-01 Ed1
High Range Sulfide Measurement for Oil and Gas Field Waters with Hach's Modified Methylene Blue Method
  English US 367 KB 2013-03
Determination of Ammonia Distillation of water, sludge and soil samples using Micro Dist and determination of ammonia using TNT830, 831 and 832
  English US 701 KB 2015-04 Rev 1
Coagulation, Flocculation and Clarification of Drinking Water
  English US 3 MB 2014-02
The Spectrophotometer and Beer: A Love Story
  English US 718 KB 2013-08
Selecting the Right Ammonia Method for Your Lab
  English US 361 KB 2014-10
Silica Analyzer Calibration Verification: Ensuring Confidence in the Quality of Steam Cycle Water for the 5500sc Silica Analyzer and DR3900 Spectrophotometer
  English US 453 KB 2015-05 Jun15
Monitoring Iron Transport in the Steam Cycle via Grab Sample and Online Methods
  English US 343 KB 2015-10 Sep15
DR6000 in the Brewing Industry: Important Methods in Accordance with MEBAK and ASBC
  English US 438 KB 2015-11 Nov15
Low Range Hexavalent Chromium - For use with DR1900, DR2800, DR3800, DR3900, DR5000 and DR6000 Hach Spectrophotometers
  English US 655 KB 2014-06 Ed 2
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen: Simplified with s-TKNā„¢
  English US 445 KB 2013-07 Ed1
Easier and faster lab analysis in power plants
  English UK 742 KB 2015-01 Jan15
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