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Eliminate last minute maintenance emergencies.

PROGNOSYS alerts you to upcoming maintenance tasks by monitoring the instrument’s internal components and tracking service requirements. We’ve leveraged our expertise to give you absolute confidence in your on-line instrumentation and the quality of your measurement results.

The two PROGNOSYS indicators give you all the information you need to plan your preventative maintenance and avoid unexpected maintenance emergencies. The service indicator is designed to make your maintenance planning easy, with clear visibility of upcoming tasks. As a part of the service indicator, Prognosys tracks the number of days until required action for each maintenance task. The measurement indicator goes beyond tracking expected maintenance work and interprets the instrument’s internal signals to inform the user of instrument condition. The reading is expressed as a percentage value and is designed to help you know when your instrument requires maintenance before your measurements become questionable and might affect your process.

The PROGNOSYS sensor works with a variety of Hach sc sensors when used with the sc1000 controller. By giving you immediate awareness of instrument condition, Prognosys allows you to take a truly proactive approach to your maintenance. Know with confidence whether changes in your results are due to changes in your instrument or your water.

  • Confidence in your measurements
  • Visibility of upcoming maintenance
  • Immediate awareness of instrument condition