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PROGNOSYS Predictive Diagnostics Plug-in for sc1000

Product #: LZY885.99.00002
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Confidence through the power of predictive insight.

Are you confident in your instrument’s performance?

PROGNOSYS is a predictive diagnostics plug-in that provides early insight into the measurement reliability and service requirements of your instruments. This easy-to-install plug-in is available for select sc sensors on the sc1000 controller platform. Look for the PROGNOSYS ready symbol for instrumentation that is ready for this plug-in diagnostics.

The PROGNOSYS display on the sc1000 will show two dashboards – one measurement reliability indicator and one service requirements indicator. The green, yellow and red color bars display the status of each indicator at a glance.

The service requirements indicator predicts future maintenance and service tasks, which are based on current sensor status. Additional service messages tell the user which maintenance tasks must be completed (e.g. to clean the sensor or replace the reagents) and which service tasks will require a service technician. A countdown period for service tasks will be displayed with sufficient time to contact a service technician or to order a replacement part.

PROGNOSYS is confidence through the power of predictive insight.

  • More confidence in your instrument’s performance
  • Identify upcoming maintenance work
  • Monitor and display the reliability of measurement values