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SD900 Sampler on All Weather Cabinet with Heater


SD900 Sampler on All Weather Cabinet with Heater
Product #: 3542SDRH


This item is no longer available.

SIGMA SD900: Active cooling portable sampler

Unsurpassed Corrosion Resistance
With American Sigma´s All-Weather Refrigerated Sampler, spending time and money to maintain your sampler is a thing of the past. We designed this unit to last longer than any other sampler available. First, we put the compressor on top to avoid hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive heavier-than-air gases, which attack conventional refrigerated samplers with floor-level compressors. Then, we equipped the sampler with a tough, chemically resistant coating to better protect refrigeration lines against moisture and corrosive gases. Finally, we used stainless steel hardware, sealed electrical connections and weather resistant cables to complete its corrosion-resistant design.

Mother Nature Meets Her Match
This sampler is designed to operate anywhere - indoors or out - without a secondary enclosure. Completely self-contained, the All-Weather is rated for operation in temperatures from -40° to 120°F. Insulated cabinet lid protects pump and controller from the elements and extreme temperatures. The cabinet is linear low density polyethylene with rounded, moisture-shedding, UV-resistant surfaces. Its sidewall ventilation system allows positioning against a wall, and its optional sturdy locks prevent tampering. Leveling feet and anchor brackets ensure proper, secure installation.

This unit is ideal for WWTP Process Control, Permit Compliance, Regulatory Compliance Monitoring, and Water Quality Research.

  • Insulated cabinet lid
  • Intuitive, user friendly keypad
  • Top mounted compressor
  • Refrigerated cabinet
  • Spring loaded pump rollers