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900MAX Refrigerated Sampler, 230V


900MAX Refrigerated Sampler, 230V
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This item is no longer available.

Sigma 900MAX Controller with Refrigerated (Vinyl) Base Cabinet, 230V

The SIGMA 900 MAX provides results that you can count on. Samples are maintained at 4°C, while an advanced sample delivery system assures the highest sample integrity. And with a NEMA 4X, 6 controller and corrosion protected refrigerator, the SIGMA 900MAX is your best choice for tough wastewater treatment environments.

In addition to sampling, the SIGMA 900MAX also monitors flow plus key parameters including pH, temperature, oxygen reduction potential, dissolved oxygen and/or conductivity. Should any parameter exceed user-defined limits, a sample may be immediately collected. And, the MAX even delivers any out-of-limits sample to one or more designated "Trouble Bottles" to help you quickly determine the problem source.

  • Simple to understand, efficient to use
  • Built to last with rugged construction and a sealed controller
  • Refrigerator maintains 4°C
  • Highest Sample Integrity for data you can count on
  • Single or Multiple Bottles