ORBISPHERE A1100, O2 Electrochemical (EC) sensor

ORBISPHERE A1100, O2 Electrochemical (EC) sensor
Product #: A1100-S00
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Application Notes Type Language Size Date Edition
A Comparison of Amperometric and Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors in Power and Industrial Water Applications at Low Oxygen Levels (<µg-kg<sup>-1</sup>)
Hach White Paper by Stephen Bell and Dr. Frank Dunand
  English US 3 MB 2010-08 Ed1
Analysis of Waste-Gas / Off-Gas Oxygen and Hydrogen in Nuclear Power Plants: Hach Orbisphere 512 with Channel Compensation
  English US 98 KB 2011-06
Dissolved Oxygen and Hydrogen Analysis in Reactor Coolant Systems: Orbisphere 510 with Channel Compensation
Application Note-Power No. 01
  English US 30 KB 2008-11 Ed1
How to Monitor the CO Purity in the Brewery
Application Note by Georges Schmidt
  English US 344 KB 2013-03
Improved Shelf Life and Quality. Oxygen measurements for the brewing industry.
Reprint from Brewing and Beverage Industry International, Jan 2008
  English US 2 MB 2008-02 Ed1
In-line Dissolved Oxygen Measurement in Bright (finished) Beer.<br />Continuous measurement gives real time results for improved problem detection.
Application Note-Beverage No. 01
  English US 133 KB 2008-02 Ed1
Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen in Wort.<br />In-line sensors avoid sample loop blocking and product contamination. Beer loss in spent yeast is minimized, for substantial cost savings.
Appplication Note-Beverage No. 02
  English US 374 KB 2008-02 Ed1
Orbisphere 510 Air Calculation Used to Minimize Can Corrosion. Proven Orbisphere sensor technology performs fast and accurate package analysis in minutes.
Application Note-Beverage No. 13
  English UK 27 KB 2008-11 Ed1
Practical Tips for Trace-Level Oxygen Monitoring with Electro-Chemical Sensors. Simple troubleshooting procedures net higher accuracy and faster response.
Application Note-Power No. 04
  English US 143 KB 2007-07 Ed1
Datasheets/Brochures Type Language Size Date Edition
Complete Water Analysis for the UPSTREAM OIL & GAS INDUSTRY
  English US 2 MB 2014-05
Orbisphere 3650-3655 Selective O2 Measurement Data Sheet
  English US 62 KB 2010-03 Rev 1
Главное - точность: кислородный датчик ORBISPHERE A1100
  Russian 843 KB
Manuals Type Language Size Date Edition
ORBISPHERE A1100 Oxygen Electrochemical Sensors-User Manual
  English US 5 MB 2009-10 Rev E
ORBISPHERE A1100, capteur électrochimiques d'oxygène-MANUEL DE L'UTILISATEUR
  French 747 KB 2009-10 Rev D
ORBISPHERE A1100-EC-Sauerstoffsensor Installation und Wartung Bedienerhandbuch
  German 1 MB 2008-05 Rev B