NH4D sc Ammonium Sensor


NH4D sc Ammonium Sensor
Product #: LXV437.99.00002


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Application Notes Type Language Size Date Edition
Reagentless Ammonium Probe. New Online Ammonium Probe Provides 5% Accuracy without Reagents, by Bob Dabkowski, Wastewater Specialist
Hach White Paper
PDF English US 31 KB 2008-04 Edition 1
Real Time Control of Caustic Dosing Through Ammonia Sensors
On-line ammonium sensors utilizing new ion-selective electrode technology have enabled a North Carolina wastewater treatment plant to automatically control caustic dosing for improved performance.
PDF English US 97 KB
Datasheets/Brochures Type Language Size Date Edition
Complete Water Analysis for the UPSTREAM OIL & GAS INDUSTRY
PDF English US 2486 KB 2014-05
Engineering/Tender Documents Type Language Size Date Edition
NH4D sc CSI Specification
PDF English US 21 KB
NH4D sc Dimensional Drawing
PDF English US 740 KB
Manuals Type Language Size Date Edition
NH4D sc Ammonium Sensor User Manual
PDF English US 986 KB 2008-06
Other Type Language Size Date Edition
GSA Authorized Federal Supply Schedule
FSC Group 66
Geophysical, Environmental Analysis Equipment

SIN 66-618 - Water Samplers, Quality Meters and Analyzers
SIN 66-621 - Radioactivity Detectors

Contract GS-07F-9314S
PDF English US 54 KB 2011-01
Software/Firmware Type Language Size Date Edition
sc1000 Multi-Sensor DTM Files
Zip file
ZIP English US 11699 KB 2014-04 Version 1
Videos Type Language Size Date Edition
Online and Lab Solutions for Nutrient Monitoring Video
Online and Lab Equipment Information for Effective Nutrient Monitoring
WMV English US 34874 KB 2010-03