Advanced HACH LDO® Process Dissolved Oxygen Probe


Advanced HACH LDO® Process Dissolved Oxygen Probe
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Application Notes Type Language Size Date Edition
A Comparison of Amperometric and Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors in Power and Industrial Water Applications at Low Oxygen Levels (<µg-kg<sup>-1</sup>)
Hach White Paper by Stephen Bell and Dr. Frank Dunand
PDF English US 3236 KB 2010-08 Ed1
Dissolved Oxygen Measurement in a Wastewater Treatment Plant
Application Note AN-D1
PDF English US 90 KB 2004-04 Ed1
DO Control in Sludge Digestion Process, by Mike Rousey
Application Solution
PDF English US 127 KB 2006-10 Ed1
LDO Gainesville FL Longmont CO
PDF English US 473 KB
Process Factors Affecting Proper Aeration Basin Control. Many components are involved in the delicate balance of the micro-universe contained in an aeration basin.
Application Note AN-D3
PDF English US 134 KB 2014-01 Ed1
Save Money by Controlling Dissolved Oxygen in the Aeration Basin. Maintaining proper concentration of dissolved oygen is necessary to keep microorganisms alive for breakdown of organic waste.
Application Note AN-D2
PDF English US 139 KB 2013-01 Ed1
Datasheets/Brochures Type Language Size Date Edition
Complete Water Analysis for the<br />FOOD INDUSTRY
PDF English US 2095 KB 2014-06 Rev 1
Complete Water Analysis for the<br />UPSTREAM OIL &<br />GAS INDUSTRY
PDF English US 2486 KB 2014-05
Dissolved Oxygen: Hach LDO® Probe, Model 2, Data Sheet
PDF English US 494 KB 2014-01 Rev 3
Engineering/Tender Documents Type Language Size Date Edition
LDO Dimensional Drawing
PDF Document
PDF English US 126 KB 2009-01
LDO sc CSI Specification
PDF Document
PDF English US 17 KB 2009-01
Manuals Type Language Size Date Edition
Hach Dissolved Oxygen Probe Manual-Chinese
PDF Chinese 577 KB 2011-07
LDO Dissolved Oxygen Sensor User Manual
PDF English US 610 KB 2006-12 Ed 6
sc100 LDO™ Sensor Cap Replacement Instruction Sheet
PDF English US 21 KB 2003-07 Ed 2
sc100 LDO™Sistema de Análisis-Manual de Operación
PDF Spanish 2478 KB 2003-04 Ed 1
Methods/Procedures Type Language Size Date Edition
EPA-Luminescence Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen in Water and Wastewater and for Use in the Determination of BOD5 and cBOD5
Method 10360
PDF English US 165 KB 2011-10 Rev 1.2
Other Type Language Size Date Edition
GSA Authorized Federal Supply Schedule
FSC Group 66
Geophysical, Environmental Analysis Equipment

SIN 66-618 - Water Samplers, Quality Meters and Analyzers
SIN 66-621 - Radioactivity Detectors

Contract GS-07F-9314S
PDF English US 54 KB 2011-01
Software/Firmware Type Language Size Date Edition
Process LDO Software
Extract file to your PC. Carefully read instructions: sc sw upload instruction. Includes all available languages.
ZIP English US 129 KB 2010-09 V1.5
sc1000 Multi-Sensor DTM Files
Zip file
ZIP English US 11699 KB 2014-04 Version 1