Advanced HACH LDO® Process Dissolved Oxygen Probe


Advanced HACH LDO® Process Dissolved Oxygen Probe
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Application Notes Type Language Size Date Edition
A Comparison of Amperometric and Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors in Power and Industrial Water Applications at Low Oxygen Levels (<µg-kg<sup>-1</sup>)
Hach White Paper by Stephen Bell and Dr. Frank Dunand
PDF English US 3236 KB 2010-08 Edition 1
Dissolved Oxygen Measurement in a Wastewater Treatment Plant
Application Note AN-D1
PDF English US 90 KB 2004-04 Edition 1
DO Control in Sludge Digestion Process, by Mike Rousey
Application Solution
PDF English US 127 KB 2006-10 Edition 1
LDO Gainesville FL Longmont CO
PDF English US 473 KB
Process Factors Affecting Proper Aeration Basin Control. Many components are involved in the delicate balance of the micro-universe contained in an aeration basin.
Application Note AN-D3
PDF English US 134 KB 2014-01 Edition 1
Save Money by Controlling Dissolved Oxygen in the Aeration Basin. Maintaining proper concentration of dissolved oygen is necessary to keep microorganisms alive for breakdown of organic waste.
Application Note AN-D2
PDF English US 139 KB 2013-01 Edition 1
Datasheets/Brochures Type Language Size Date Edition
Complete Water Analysis for the<br />UPSTREAM OIL &<br />GAS INDUSTRY
PDF English US 2486 KB 2014-05
Dissolved Oxygen: Hach LDO® Probe, Model 2, Data Sheet
Lit 2455
PDF English US 494 KB 2014-01 Revision 3
Engineering/Tender Documents Type Language Size Date Edition
LDO Dimensional Drawing
Transmittal drawing for Hach LDO probe
PDF English US 126 KB 2009-01
LDO sc CSI Specification
CSI Specification for Hach LDO Probe
PDF English US 17 KB 2009-01
Manuals Type Language Size Date Edition
Hach Dissolved Oxygen Probe Manual-Chinese
PDF Chinese 577 KB 2011-07 Edition 6
LDO Dissolved Oxygen Sensor User Manual
PDF English US 610 KB 2006-12 Edition 6
sc100 LDO™ Sensor Cap Replacement Instruction Sheet
PDF English US 21 KB 2003-07 Ed 2
sc100 LDO™Sistema de Análisis-Manual de Operación
PDF Spanish 2478 KB 2003-04 Ed 1
Methods/Procedures Type Language Size Date Edition
EPA-Luminescence Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen in Water and Wastewater and for Use in the Determination of BOD5 and cBOD5
EPA Method 10360
PDF English US 165 KB 2011-10 Rev 1.2
Other Type Language Size Date Edition
GSA Authorized Federal Supply Schedule
FSC Group 66
Geophysical, Environmental Analysis Equipment

SIN 66-618 - Water Samplers, Quality Meters and Analyzers
SIN 66-621 - Radioactivity Detectors

Contract GS-07F-9314S
PDF English US 54 KB 2011-01
Software/Firmware Type Language Size Date Edition
Process LDO Software
Extract file to your PC. Carefully read instructions: sc sw upload instruction. Includes all available languages.
ZIP English US 129 KB 2010-09 V1.5
sc1000 Multi-Sensor DTM Files
Zip file
ZIP English US 11699 KB 2014-04 Version 1