Company News


Hach Company Acquires BioTector

Loveland, Colo.—April 2, 2014—We are pleased to announce that an Ireland-based affiliate of Hach Company*( has acquired BioTector ...  (more)


Hach Company is Giving Away a Real-Time Control Sludge System at WEFTEC 2013

Hach Company is searching for one U.S. wastewater facility to partner with and give a complete Real-Time Control Sludge Thickening System (RTC-ST) at WEFTEC ...  (more)


Hach to feature new products & real customers at ACE13

Hach Company will be exhibiting at American Water Works' (AWWA) Annual Conference and Exhibition ACE13. The focus of their program is to help water professionals ...  (more)


HACH and TROJAN presented to EU Parliament on March 26

HACH / TROJAN were asked to serve as expert advisors at a public hearing in the European Parliament to discuss the future allocation of Cohesion Fund investments ...  (more)


Product News


Hach Launches Hach BioTector B3500c TOC Analyzer for Condensate Applications

Hach Company has launched a reliable safeguard to sensitive processes in clean water applications, the Hach BioTector B3500c TOC Analyzer. This analyzer ...  (more)


Hach WIMS, Version 7.4 Now Available

A new version of Hach Water Information Management Solution TM (WIMS™ ), Version 7.4, was released on January 31st, 2013. Hach WIMS is a software ...  (more)


Hach Company Responds to Storm Sandy

In response to Storm Sandy, Hach Company is supporting those impacted by the recent storm through a variety of initiatives.


Hach Company Launches FDT Certified Multi-Sensor Device Type Manager

Hach Company has received certification by the FDT Group for its multi-sensor DTM (device type manager), available on and as a free software download for ...  (more)


Hach Launches RTC101 P-Module for Phosphorus Control

Hach Company is taking the guesswork out of the chemical phosphorus removal process. Its new RTC101 Phosphorus Control System provides real-time control ...  (more)


Hach Releases LDO Probe, Model 2

Hach Company is harnessing the power of “no” when it comes to dissolved oxygen (DO) testing. The company is releasing the newest model of its ...  (more)


Hach Releases DR 6000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Hach Company has developed the latest innovation in lab testing, the DR 6000™ UV-Vis spectrophotometer. The DR 6000 is equipped with RFID technology, ...  (more)


EPA Approves Hach LDO Method 10360

The luminescent dissolved oxygen method utilizing the technology Hach pioneered in 2003 is now fully EPA approved for measurement of Biochemical Oxygen ...  (more)


Hach Launches RTC105 N/DN-Module for Nitrification/Denitrification Control

Hach Company is taking aeration optimization to the next level. The new RTC105 Nitrification/DeNitrification System provides real-time control of aeration ...  (more)


Hach Releases AF7000 Streaming Current Monitor

A durable and fast responding streaming current monitor is essential for reacting to changes in source water and keeping operating costs low. Unlike other ...  (more)


Hach’s miniLab Pocket pH Meters offer robust pH measurement

A new design makes Hach Company’s ( miniLab Pocket pH Meter virtually unbreakable and an essential piece of equipment for industries ...  (more)


Hach Launches 5500sc Silica Analyzer

Hach Company is introducing an important new product for the Power Industry, the Hach 5500sc Silica Analyzer. This analyzer is specifically designed and ...  (more)


BioTector Awarded Prestigious Product Leadership Award in Water Analysis

BioTector Analytical Systems, LTD (BioTector) is honored to win the prestigious Frost & Sullivan 2012 United States Product Leadership Award in Water & ...  (more)


Hach Launches DR 900 Handheld Colorimeter

Hach Company has developed the next great multiparameter handheld instrument for testing water in the field, the DR 900 Handheld Colorimeter. The DR 900 ...  (more)