Product - TNTplus™ Chemistries

How TNTplus Works  

TNTplus Diagram
  1. Barcode Recognition: Simply drop in the vial and get results immediately with automatic method detection.
  2. Reference Detector: Monitors and compensates for optical fluctuations.
  3. 10X Measurement and Outlier Elimination: Dirty, scratched, or flawed glassware, including fingerprints, is no longer an issue—instrument averages 10 readings and rejects outliers.
  4. Self-Contained Packaging—Reagents Inside Sealed Cap: Reduces exposure to chemicals—no need to open pillows or clean glassware.

Benefits of TNTplus  

Bar-coded vials provide automatic method detection

  • Bar-coded Vials—instrument automatically identifies test parameter, range and method
  • New vial design with optically superior glassware, color-coded caps and flat bottom
  • No blank necessary


Hach TNTplus Chemistries