Product - H-Series Meters & Probes

Non-glass, Virtually Unbreakable pH Probes that Store Dry  

Hach's H-Series electrochemistry meters and probes provide long-lasting performance and hassle-free maintenance. With a rugged body and ability to store dry, these non-glass pH probes resist damage, reduce upkeep and lower operation costs.

Non-glass pH probes excel in applications that rely on convenience, ruggedness or non-glass instruments in testing, such as food and beverage, academic teaching labs, environmental studies, agriculture, and petrochemical.

Field – Portable Meters  

Portable meter enclosures are IP67 waterproof, floatable, chemical resistant, and dust resistant.


Model H170NP
pH (ISFET or glass), mV, ORP, temperature
Conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity
Meter only H170NP
With accessories* H170-BNDL

*Holster, carrying case, buffers and standardizing solutions

Laboratory – Benchtop Meters  

Engineered to give years of reliable service, even in difficult applications.


Model H260GNP H270GNP H280GNP
pH (ISFET or glass), mV, ORP, temperature
Conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity  
Ammonia, nitrate, fluoride, sodium
Meter Only H260GNP H270GNP H280GNP
With accessories* H260G-BNDL   H280G-BNDL

*Standardizing solutions and buffers

Mini Lab Meters  

Pocket-sized meters give stable readings in seconds.


Model H130 H135 H138
1-Point Calibration    
1-, 2- or 3-point Calibration  
Temperature Display
0.01 pH Resolution    
Meter with accessories H130 H135 H138

Accessory: Replacement Reference Electrode

Hach's Line of Meters & Probes  

ISFET Technology  

H-Series H170 Portable pH & Conductivity Meter (No Probe)

Non-glass pH sensors utilize ISFET (Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) silicon chip technology. ISFET sensors contain several proprietary layers deposited selectively on a silicon substrate. The final layer possesses an affinity for hydrogen ions only, which determine pH. The quantity of hydrogen ions at or near the sensor surface causes an electrical effect that can be detected and measured by the appropriate instrumentation.